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Lisa Adams creates images that are often unsettling, sometimes melancholy or by turns uplifting, but always affecting and richly atmospheric. The scale on which she works affords her involved and tightly realised paintings an intimacy that echoes the personal nature of her subject matter. Indeed, she explores grand emotions on a humble scale so that the very act of looking at her paintings is a revelatory and ultimately rewarding experience. Adam’s emblematic paintings hold the promise of divested secrets and play with constructions of language through the incorporation of witty titles. (src. QUT Art Museum Public Programs by Alison Kubler, Curator)

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Courtney Mattison

Our Changing Seas I: A Coral Reef Story

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Princess Argella Durrandon, Storm Queen & lady of Storm’s End

Jean Louis Sabaji Couture


Princess Argella Durrandon, Storm Queen & lady of Storm’s End

Jean Louis Sabaji Couture

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Giant glass flowers by Jason Gamrath

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Anna Heyward Taylor



Anna Heyward Taylor (1879-1956) was a wonderfully interesting woman a traveler and an artist, she was best known for her watercolors and black and white prints. Check out The Selected Letters of Anna Heyward Taylor to find out more about her life.

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Have you noticed how beautiful are the great artists’ signatures. Take a look to our entire collection (584 signatures) here:

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ART: Hip Hop x High Art = Fly Art

Fly Art, a Tumblr account created by students Gisella Velasco and Toni Potenciano has been perfectly mixing popular rap lyrics and Renaissance paintings since December 2013 and we only can hope that they never stop. 

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This is so important

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British artist Matthew Simmonds carves historic architectural structures into blocks of marble and stone, producing unique and intricate sculptures.

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